Formerly we operated under the National WildBird Refuge name. We have changed our name to better signify what we do. Our refuges were primarily bird refuges and that is still is our mission. But in our refuges, we inherited a lot of other creatures, large and small...deer, squirrels, chipmunks and the like. So it just doubles our pleasure to protect and care for them all. And that's how we became Refuges for All WildLife. 

There are two things that should comfort you to know: First, our voluntary Board of Directors furnishes our overhead and non-program expenses so that contributions go to support for our mission and not to bureaucracy. Secondly, we never publish, sell or trade your name as we feel it is our duty to protect your privacy. 

The different site pages listed above are not just prologue, but the beginning and ever increasing scope of our mission. Birds are the barometer of our environment. Remember when canaries were used in the coalmines to determine the safety of the environment? The same is true here on the surface where we live. A healthy bird population indicates a healthy environment. And what we do today forever affects the world to come. 

The birds and the wildlife need your help to protect their fragile ecosystems, migration routes and flyways. Please be assured that your kindness is greatly appreciated…by the wildlife who cannot speak…and by those of us who can.