Primary Objectives

The program for the Sanctuary has the following objectives:

  • Provide a haven, a refuge and a place to recover for the swallow.
  • Protect a national resource and
    provide an area for man to enjoy the swallow and other wildlife, to learn of the interdependence of all living things, to appreciate the beauty of the natural world; to understand that what we do now forever affects the world and the future to come.
  • Aid in the environmental improvement of Lake Pontchartrain by creating marine and wildlife habitats complementary to the function of the Sanctuary.
  • Provide a safe habitat for local and migratory birds.
  • Provide for an understanding of the swallow roosting area, the created habitats and of the wildlife that use the habitats through an imaginative and meaningful interpretive program.
  • Allow people to observe and enjoy the nature of the Sanctuary without harm or disturbance to the birds or wildlife.
  • To create a nice family oriented attraction.
  • To create a world class bird Sanctuary on the edge of one of the largest fresh-water estuaries in the world at the base of the world's longest bridge.