The following milestones have been attained by the National WildBird Refuge since its inception:

  • Project Swallow has been the pioneering body in recognizing the importance of native and migratory birds and their benefit to the environment, the people, and the economy of Louisiana.
  • 1990 - Through the efforts of Project Swallow and Senator Ken Hollis, the Louisiana legislature passed Louisiana Revised Statute #56:803 and Jefferson Parish Ordinance #18055, designating this area as the Lake Pontchartrain State Bird Sanctuary.
  • The organization obtained approval and the Greater New Orleans
    Expressway constructed the small viewing area now used by visitors to enjoy the Purple Martin phenomenon.
  • 1992 - A lease from the State of Louisiana was negotiated and acquired for the land and water-bottoms upon which the Sanctuary will be constructed.
  • The organization's research developed methods, trained personnel, and established a pilot rehabilitation center for the Sanctuary. From these methods, the Purple Martin Rehabilitation Manual was written and published by The Nature Society. The manual is now used by more than one thousand institutions and individuals throughout North and South America.
  • Our Education Outreach program has reached thousands at schools and civic organizations through presentations and displays by Project Swallow volunteers.
  • From our research, one hundred and twenty-four scientific papers and articles have been published in some of the most respected and widely read journals including Nature Society News, Purple Martin Update, the North American Rehabilitation Association, and the American Association of Veterinarians.
  • Project Swallow initiated the "Save the Swallows" program. Over a five year period, over 6,700 feet of fencing has been erected to eliminate collisions between automobiles and birds at both ends of the Causeway. Prior to this construction, it was estimated that 12,000 birds per year were being killed by cars.
  • 1997 - Over a four year period, Project Swallow has completed the lengthy permit process for the construction of the Sanctuary.
  • We have attracted local and national media attention for the project...and the people and the press love it.