Birds Attracted to the Sanctuary

American Coot
The following is a list of birds that will be attracted to the habitats created within the sanctuary. Although all of these birds cannot be observed at any one time, it should be possible to see them at different times throughout the year. Some will be more common than others and others that are not listed will be observed. Some of the birds listed as migratory will be local at times, and some of those listed as local will be migratory at times. Once the sanctuary is established, a record of the numbers and types of birds will be kept as an on going study to see how effective the habitats are in attracting various birds.

Birds below are listed with the designations:M - Migratory, L - Local 

* - species that will breed in sanctuary

 M Pied-billed Grebe 
L Anhinga 
M Double-crested Comorant 
L Black-crowned Night Heron* 
M Yellow-crowned Night Heron* 
M Green-backed Heron 
M Little Blue Heron 
L Snowy Egret* 
L Great Egret* 
L Great Blue Heron 
M Mallard 
M Gadwall 
M Blue-winged Teal 
M Ruddy Duck 
L Wood Duck* 
M Ring-necked Duck 
M Lesser Scaup 
M Greater Scaup 
M Sora 
L Common Moorhen 
M American Coot 
M Black-bellied Plover 
L Killdeer 
M Greater Yellowlegs 
M Lesser Yellowlegs 
M Spotted Sandpiper 
M Least Sandpiper 
L Laughing Gull 
M Ring-billed Gull 
M Herring Gull 
M Bonaparte's Gull 
L Forster's Tern 
M White-eyed Vireo 
M Red-eyed Vireo 
M Prothonotary Warbler 
M Orange-crowned Warbler 
M Northern Parula 
M Yellow-rumped Warbler 
M Palm Warbler 
M Yellow Warbler 
L Common Yellowthroat* 
L Northern Cardinal 
M Indigo Bunting 
M Savannah Sparrow 
M Swamp SparrowM Least Tern 
L Royal Tern 
L Black Skimmer 
L Rock Dove 
L Mourning Dove* 
L Monk Parakeet 
M Common Nighthawk* 
M Chimney Swift 
L&M Ruby-throated Hummingbird 
M Buff-bellied Hummingbird 
M Rufous Hummingbird 
M Allen's Hummingbird 
M Broad-tailed Hummingbird 
M Calliope Hummingbird 
M Black-chinned Hummingbird 
M Broad-billed Hummingbird 
M Belted Kingfisher 
M Eastern Kingbird* 
M Tree Swallow 
M Purple Martin*
M Barn Swallow*
L Blue Jay* 
L American Crow
L Fish Crow 
M Ruby-crowned Kinglet 
M Blue-gray Gnatcatcher 
M American Robin 
L Loggerhead Shrike* 
M Grey Catbird 
L Northern Mockingbird* 
M Cedar Waxwing 
L European Starling* 
L Common Grackle 
L Boat-tailed Grackle* 
M Orchard Oriole* 
M Scarlet Tanager 
M Summer Tanager 
M American Goldfinch 
L House Sparrow* 
M Common Loon 
M Horned Grebe 
L Tri-colored Heron 
L Cattle Egret* 
M Merganser 
M Long-billed Dowitcher