A Day At The Sanctuary

The following describes the typical sequence of use a first-time visitor might experience at the Sanctuary:
  • Visitor Center
  • Entry
  • Orientation Space
  • Information Center
  • Viewing Space of Sanctuary (indoors)
  • Exhibit Space
  • Lecture/Audio-Visual Space
  • Viewing of WildBird Rehabilitation Area
  • Rest Rooms
  • Concession Area
  • Gift Shop
  • Outdoor Viewing Space
  • Walkway to Swallow roost, marsh, and lake
  • Walkway to shore bird Sanctuary
  • Return to visitor center
  • Gift Shop
  • Snack Bar
  • Return to parking area


  • Migratory Birds
  • Story of the Purple Martin
  • The Purple Martin and related swallows
  • Purple Martin migration and the Mississippi Flyway
  • Purple Martin roost at Lake Pontchartrain Causeway
  • Native and other migratory birds
  • Habitats and nesting
  • Shore birds
  • Rotating exhibits (Exhibits that relate to timely events)

Audio-Visual Space:

  • Film of Purple Martins and other films
  • Film of nesting swallows feeding their babies
  • Film of the Purple Martin roosting sequence

Walkway to Swallow Roost:

This walkway would start at the outdoor viewing space and lead across the newly created bird habitats to the swallow roost viewing platform and loop back to the visitor center. 

Use Policies:

  • Wildlife habitats and visitors access are the Sanctuary's two major uses. Visitors use shall be separated from and shall have a limited impact upon the wildlife habitats. The impacts of the visitor's center and the interpretive trails shall be concentrated as much as possible to one area of the Sanctuary.
  • Access to the Sanctuary shall be through a controlled entrance at the visitor's center with a minimal fee to lower costs.
  • The visitor center will be the starting and ending point for all the interpretive walks.
  • Access outside of the visitor center shall be limited to paved trails and boardwalks. No access allowed within the natural areas of the habitats or water areas.
  • Use of the Sanctuary by people is for the viewing of birds and other wildlife and for the enjoyment of the scenic beauty.
  • No fishing, hunting or other activities detrimental to the wildlife shall be permitted.

Management Principles

  • The visitor access areas and the wildlife habitat areas of the Sanctuary shall be protected through the use of barriers and screens.
  • No fishing, hunting, trapping or firearms allowed.
  • No collecting or removal of wildflowers or wetlands vegetation.
  • The created habitats shall be protected and enhanced by encouraging natural cover and food plants for the benefit of the wildlife.
  • Visitor access areas shall be kept safe and clean while minimizing intrusion upon the natural habitats of the Sanctuary.

  • The wildlife habitats of the site shall be protected and maintained in response to the affects of the natural forces of lake environment.